In some enterprises, the employment costs weighted greately in the total costs, i.e. up to 50% of the total costs, unfortunately, are not adequately considered in comparable with other assets.

As the employee, any matters which may arise in the relationship between the emplyers and employees including execution of labour contract, arrangement of job, payment of salary, reward, discipline, transfer or termination of labor contract will always contribute to the decisions whether to stay with the organisation or to take actions against it.

DNC is always a leading firm for advising employment matters, participating in developing and applying the principles of labor law in Vietnam, leading in negotiations, discussions, participating in resolving disputes at court levels in Vietnam.

Currently offered services:

  • Consulting on all issues on labor law and related laws;
  • Consulting on restructuring and rearranging labor;
  • Consulting on labor dispute resolution;
  • Consulting on lawsuits against labor cases;
  • Protecting legitimate rights and interests for enterprises / employees;
  • Representing the enterprises/employees participating in labor dispute resolution procedures.


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