DNC has an extensive knowledge of the real estate market. We are providing a full range of services across all real estate segments, including commerce, restaurants – hotels, housing and retail.

Our Lawyers provides capital market solutions for capital trading, structure adjustments and the development of specific real estate projects. With more than 15 years of experience and a deep understanding of the domestic market, we are able to advise on issues including feasibility studies, financial market research, appraisal of architectural designs and brands, warehouse management, pricing proposals, research on best practices, as well as capital structure advice, capital mobilization, trade finance and loan appraisal.

Real Estate Investment Cycle

  1. Checking the master planning
  2. Land and assets acquisition
  3. Financing*
  4. Construction stage
  5. Completion and operation
  6. Divestment

Note*: Financing can be conducted in the early stage, subject to the financial capability of the Client.

DNC provides real estate development consultancy services including:

  • Market research and feasibility research;
  • Planning ideas, strategies and product positioning;
  • Researching development plans and strategic planning;
  • Looking for transfer, cooperation, mobilization partners;
  • Implementing relevant licensing procedures.

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DNC is an independent consulting company in Vietnam.

Our birth and development is associated with Vietnam's opening and integration process in the new century.