Enterprise management includes a system of rules, mechanisms and regulations through which enterprises are run and controlled. Basically, enterprise management means an association with a series of relationships between the board of directors, the board of management, shareholders, members and other relevant stakeholders in an enterprise. Thereof, the enterprise can position its goals and plan to monitor and supervise the implementation of those goals within the enterprise.

Enterprise management also sets the principles for achieving the company’s goals, covering all areas of governance from implementation planning, internal control processes to the measurement of efficiency and disclosure of company information.

DNC provides the Clients with comprehensive consulting services on enterprise management, more specifically guiding enterprises to comply with the law to prevent risks of civil liability, criminal, administrative violations or other risks that may adversely affect the business, from which the reputation and image of the organization and individual are protected.

Currently offered services:

  • Consulting on selecting the form of enterprise organization suitable to the targets, scale, proposed business lines, etc. (types of enterprises that the Client can choose: Private enterprises; Partnerships; limited liability companies, joint stock companies) right from the time when the Client intend to establish businesses;
  • Supporting the Client in completing a set of documents and procedures for establishing an enterprise in accordance with the law, including: articles of association, Request for Business Registration; Register of shareholders or capital-contributing members, etc.
  • Carrying out business registration procedures at the business registration office to receive enterprise registration certificates; seals and tax registration certificate (if any), etc.
  • Establishing enterprise’s internal management regulations, including the main regulations such as:
    • Regulation on organizational structure and operating relations;
    • Regulation on personnel management and salary policy;
    • Regulation on management of capital, assets and corporate accounting;
    • Regulation on management of business activities;
    • Regulation on administrative management and information security;
    • Regulations on building corporate culture and brand development, consulting on trademark protection process, ensuring intellectual property rights for enterprises, etc.
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures on form conversion of ownership, division, separation, consolidation or dissolution of enterprises;
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures for establishing enterprises, representative offices, branches of foreign-invested enterprises;
  • Consulting and developing the formation and operation regulations of the Economic Group under the model of Parent company – Subsidiary in non-state sector;
  • Consulting on the roadmap for joint stock companies to participate in Vietnam’s stock market;
  • Consulting and completing procedures for Vietnamese enterprises to invest abroad.

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