When a case has been accepted by a court, arbitration or legal proceeding agency in accordance with laws, the involved parties are participating legal proceedings.

  • Arbitration proceedings apply to commercial disputes selected by the parties when entering into a contract;
  • Court procedures include civil, criminal, administrative;
  • Civil matters are applicable to resolution of marriage and family matters; trade disputes, labor disputes and investment-related matters;
  • Criminal matters are applicable to resolution of environment isues, tax avoidance and corruption;
  • Administrative matters are applicable to resolution of project documentation matters, tax declaration, land documentation and other documentation with the State authorities.

Stages for legal proceedings:

  • Criminal cases include stages: proceeding, investigation, prosecution, trial and execution;
  • Civil dispute, family, marriage, administrative, commercial, and labor cases go through stages: litigation, acceptance, filing, court-hearing, and execution. 

DNC is now offering services to the Clients to participate in these dispute resolutions, to carry out necessary procedures permissble by laws to protect the Clients’ legitimate interests and rights.

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