Project owners have to pay up to 1 billion dong in fines for late submission of documents required for application for buyers’ house ownership certificates

The Government has promulgated the Decree No. 91/2019/ND-CP prescribing administrative penalties for violations arising in the land and real estate sector.

As prescribed by law, within the maximum duration of 50 days from the date of handover of apartments to buyers, project owners must file requests for Certificates issued to buyers, except as buyers file requests in person.

If project owners fail to submit application, fail to provide, or provide lack of, required documents for buyers to file their application in person in accordance with the abovementioned regulations, they will be fined and requested to take remedial actions, depending on time length and nature of violation. 

The highest rate of fine applied to submission which is at least 12 months late:

– Fines ranging from 100,000,000 dong to 300,000,000 dong for any violation affecting less than 30 apartments;

– Fines ranging from 300,000,000 dong to 500,000,000 dong for any violation affecting between 30 and less than 100 apartments;

– Fines ranging from 500,000,000 dong to 1 billion dong for any violation affecting at least 100 apartments.

Decree No. 91/2019/ND-CP is entering into force from January 5, 2020, replacing the Decree No. 102/2014/ND-CP dated November 10, 2014.


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